Add ingredients like fruits, spices, herbs or botanicals to the Alkemista infusion filter. Then fill with your favorite spirit, like whiskey or vodka. Alkemista can hold up to a full bottle (750ml) of your favorite spirit along with your chosen infusion ingredients.
  1. Fill filter basket with infusions
  2. Secure bottom lid
  3. Fill from top with alcohol
  4. Hold cap and shake to agitate infusion ingredients

Pro Tip: When using finely ground spices, roots or botanicals, tap your filter on a hard surface a few times after filling to sift out any loose particles before inserting into Alkemista.


Allow the flavors and aromas to infuse with the alcohol — for just a few hours or for several days/weeks, depending on your recipe and preference.

  1. Store infusion in cool, dark place
  2. Shake daily to agitate infusion ingredients
  3. Taste regularly until desired flavor is achieved

Pro Tip: Most infusion recipes only require a few hours or days to achieve the desired flavor profile. But making good bitters can take up to 1 month to fully-extract the nuanced flavors of the roots and botanicals.


Remove the filter and ingredients from Alkemista then re-attach the bottom lid. Serve the infused spirit directly from Alkemista, or mix to create fresh, premium cocktails. You can safely store your infused creations in Alkemista for as long as you like. Or, pour your creation into one of our empty spirits bottles for longer storage or gift giving.

  1. Invert Alkemista
  2. Remove filter and infusions, then turn right side-up
  3. Serve directly or mix for cocktails
  4. Pour into a clean spirits bottle for longer storage