Can Alkemista be used without the filter?

Absolutely! That was a key requirement during our design process. Alkemista is designed to work with or without the filter. Once an infusion is done, the filter can be easily removed and the Alkemista can then be used to serve/store your creations while looking beautiful on your counter.

What about a stand for filling the Alkemista when inverted?

In our testing, we have not found a stand to be necessary. We recommend unscrewing the bottom lid of Alkemista, removing the filter and then filling it with your infusion ingredients. Once the filter is re-inserted with your ingredients, the bottom lid should be screwed back on and the vessel turned right-side-up before filling with your chosen spirit through the top spout.

How do I clean Alkemista? / Is Alkemista dishwasher safe?

The glass vessel and stainless steel filter are fully-dishwasher safe and designed to endure the rigors of frequent home or bar use. We recommend hand-washing the top and bottom caps in warm water to preserve the finish on the metal encasement.

Can Alkemista be used to infuse other liquids like oil and vinegar?

Yes! Alkemista was originally designed for infusing Alcohol, but it also works great for infusing oil, vinegar and water. Just be sure to clean it well between infusions of different types of liquids.

Do you offer engraving on the Alkemista?

We do not currently offer custom engraving. However, this is definitely something we have considered and are currently exploring options for making this available in the future.

How do I infuse?

See our getting started guide: Getting Started Guide

How long should I infuse?

Infusion times are totally up to you and your taste preferences. Some infusions reach perfection in as little as a few hours. Other infusions, like bitters, can take up to a full month to fully extract the flavor of the ingredients.

See our getting started guide: Getting Started Guide