Pine Forest Whisk(e)y

Whether you’re camping in the High Sierras or just wish you were, this recipe will instantly transport your senses to your favorite pine forest.

Pines are a member of the conifer family, which is native to North America, and usually recognized by their long, thin needles. Though some pines, like the foxtail pine, have very short needles. Regardless of type, all conifers are evergreens, which means they don’t lose their needles in winter. This is why many Indian tribes depended on pine bark, pine nuts, sap and needles for food during the harsh winter months. Many pine species are also known to have medicinal qualities and are still used today in aromatherapy, tea, salves and tinctures.

Pine needles, regardless of the variety, boast a refreshing floral aroma. This distinctive pine scent is mostly associated with the Fall and Winter months, especially the Christmas season. Foraging for pine needles is relatively easy regardless of where you live in North America. Look for a healthy, green pine then simply cut away a few clusters of needles.


  • 20-30g fresh pine needles
  • 3-4 slices fresh lemon peel (or 10g dried lemon peel)
  • 750ml bourbon whiskey or peaty Scotch (like Laphroaig)


  • Cut pine needles into 1/4” pieces and muddle in glass
  • Add all ingredients to Alkemista filter
  • Add whiskey or Scotch
  • Infuse for 5 days
  • Optional: For a sweeter version, add 1 TBL of dark maple syrup after infusion is complete