Ancho Chili Mezcal

Our Ancho Chili Mezcal recipe is super easy-to-make and adds spicy warmth to this complex spirit.

Mezcal is tequila’s smokier cousin and is quietly establishing itself as a fine spirit with a growing list of fans. Just be sure to stay away from any cheap touristy-trap versions with a worm inside! While tequila can only be made form blue Weber agave, and in the Tequila region, mezcal can come from anywhere in Mexico and can be made from many different types of agave. But some of the best mezcal comes from Oaxaca. 


  • (2) dried whole Ancho chilies
  • 750ml mezcal

  • Add whole chilies to Alkemista filter
  • Add mezcal
  • Infuse for 6-12 hours depending on level of heat desired