Earl Goose Vodka

Tea time meets happy hour with this easy infusion that will transform any vodka into a high-class libation.

Earl Grey tea is traditionally a black tea blend which has been flavored with oil of bergamot – the essential oil from the bergamot orange fruit. The bergamot orange is a medium-sized fruit that looks like a cross between an orange and a lemon. This is what gives the tea its distinctive citrusy aroma.

While it is most commonly associated with the English, Earl Grey was probably invented by the Early Chinese tea masters who were known for their fragrant tea blends. Earl Grey tea continues to be one of the most popular flavored teas in the world.


  • 750ml Grey Goose Vodka (or any vodka)
  • 8g loose leaf Earl Grey tea
  • 2 fresh orange peels (or 2g dried orange peel)
  • 2 fresh lemon peels (or 2g dried lemon peel)


  • Infuse 24 hours