Alkemista at Your Service. A new product to simplify the art of creating custom-infused spirits for premium craft cocktails.

October 26, 2016


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Rachel McKnett

[October 2016] - Introducing Alkemista, an all-in-one spirits infusion vessel that enables both the casual entertainer and professional bartenders to easily craft and serve unique alcoholic drinks. With fresh fruits, spices, a little creativity, and the Alkemista, ordinary alcohol is transformed into extraordinary spirits, cocktails and bitters.

Creator Jason Carignan, founder of Ethan + Ashe, created the Alkemista in a quest to build better, healthier cocktails at home. While conducting research, he found that top mixologists were using spirits infused with fresh ingredients, rather than pre-made alcohols with chemical-created flavors. "I realized then that the key to crafting an amazing cocktail was quite literally within the spirit. I began to experiment with my own infusions using fresh ingredients, but found it to be a messy, unwieldy process, and knew there had to be an easier way." The Ethan+Ashe design team began sketching and creating prototypes, seeking high-quality materials to perfect the product. After 12 months of development, the Alkemista was created.

The all-in-one Alkemista combines the ultra-fine filtering technology of fine Japanese teapots with the timeless design of a glass liquor bottle. It's constructed with lab-quality borosilicate glass and a removable stainless steel infusion filter. Users simply add fruits, spices, or botanicals to the filter, and then add the base alcohol to the leak-proof bottle to let the flavors and aromas mingle until it reaches the desired level of taste. The filter keeps unwanted particles from entering the liquid during the infusion process and can be easily removed for serving directly from the Alkemista, and for elegant storage afterwards. The modern aesthetic of the glass bottle holds the spirit sleekly, whether sitting on a bar or while being served.

"Alkemista's all-in-one design make it easy to craft many different types of spirits and cocktails," says Carignan. "It lets the creator be creative, the drinks taste amazingly fresh, and one's imagination is the only limit."

The Alkemista Kickstarter project launches on October 13, 2016. The 30-day campaign will raise funds to bring the Alkemista to market in time to be gifted for the holiday season, and will ship soon after. The Alkemista Kickstarter campaign will offer early bird specials, enabling backers to receive significant discounts on the product at various levels.

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an "all-or-nothing" funding model, so if the Alkemista does not reach its goal by the end of 30 days, then it may be years before its unique technology becomes available to the public. To help the Alkemista come to life and to bring fresh craft cocktails to a home, bar, or social gathering near you, consider donating to the campaign, or sharing the information with others. To follow the Alkemista project, be sure to find it on Twitter (@ethanashebrand), Facebook (@ethanashebrand), or Instagram (@ethanashebrand), or visit

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