Vagnbys® Wine Decantiere + Stopper Set

$ 60

Two Tools Are Better Than One.

This wine lovers set includes the award-winning 7-in-1 Wine Decantiere and Wine Stopper.

7-in-1 Wine Decantiere

This must-have tool for wine lovers elegantly awakens and decants wine instantly as you pour from the bottle. The Vagnbys® 7-in-1 Wine Decantiere’s award-winning design slips snugly over the neck of the bottle while concealing any wayward foil or unseemly bottle threads. The built‐in filter removes wine stone and cork residue and the airtight stopper preserves any remaining wine for later enjoyment.

Wine Stopper

The Vagnbys® Wine Stopper is perfect for storing white wine in the refrigerator with its low-profile design. The airtight deal preserves the flavor and aroma of wine for days.

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